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Mahou Majestea Application: Ceres by FeatheryJustice Mahou Majestea Application: Ceres by FeatheryJustice
And here is my second character!  Guess who is making a comeback!

Name:  Ceres Diometi
Age: 16
Birthday: March 3
Sexuality: Hetroromatic Demisexual
Height: 5 feet 6 inches tall
Grade: 11th

+Math and Sciences (Math puns and chemistry along with technology studies)
+Smooth Jazz music
+Cafes (For the scent of beans and this is where she met Samuel for the first time)
+Fashion (Everything somehow looks good on her)
+Napping on the grass on a sunny day in the shade
+Video games (Tetris is one of her favourites)

-Working with slackers
-Things stopping her OTPs (She likes to ship anime characters and she ships her classmates as well)
-People touching her belongings ("GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY STUFF")
-Annoying little boys (She has two younger brother who are big brats)
-Getting her long hair trapped in things, like doors

"Alright, lets get this started!"

Ceres has a very upbeat personality.  She enjoys life a bit too much, and lives in the moment of whatever she is doing.  She is normally very cheerful and loud and likes talking to everyone.  However, the downside of that is that she doesn't have any restraint with her actions.  She is a bit out there, and does things that normal people might take a second thought before even trying to attempt.  Examples would be stalking people, dumpster diving, and walking into the men's washroom to look for a friend.  She doesn't have a proper filter on her actions or words, sometimes being way to blunt to be polite and can come off as rude as all hell.  The only thing stopping her from being a genius, for when she focuses she is extremely intelligent, is that she has a low attention span and gets bored easily.  Ceres is extremely loyal to her friends, always making sure they are fine.


Before her great experience at the academy, Ceres had a very normal life to a point.  It was borderline boring with the occasional fight or two scattered in. Her mother is a nutritionist and her father was a local newspaper editor.  Being the oldest child, she had a lot of responsibility to be a good role model, but wasn't pushed to do so.  She went to school like any normal girl would, but there were a lot of times where she would be in detention for things like building an extra large paper-mache volcano and modeled clay students and teachers to be drowned by 'lava'.   It wasn't that she hanged out with the wrong crew (They were technically a group of friends who do some questionable things but were good kids in a sense), or that her parents never loved her or that she was seeking attention like any cliche would say so.  She was just bored, and that boredom lead her to doing things that would end her getting scolded by her parents and lots of parent teacher meetings.  She blamed it on her rough housing with her two annoying younger brothers, the spawns of Satan she calls them.  It could be that her parents never pushed her hard enough or scolded her properly from doing all the bad things she wasn't aware she was doing.  The biggest incident currently to date(on record) was her breaking into the locker of some poor guy whom asked one of her friends out. Breaking as in hacking the lock and pulling out papers out of his binders and the like.  There was a large teacher parent meeting and all Ceres could say she learnt from that was to not get caught the next time.  

(Little bit of hidden history where she would do some questionable things and meeting her boyfriend.  Ask her about it)

Her parents wanted to send her to a special school where she could focus her strengths and sate her boredom, hopefully with a strict policy and dorm so she doesn't have to travel and get into trouble in between.  Thankfully, a pamphlet for HF Academy came in to the current school Ceres went to and it was offered to her with the idea of also taking college courses there afterwards if she wants.  Her parents shipped her off faster than express.  She is actually quite glad she gets to live in a dorm at the academy because she can get her mind off her boyfriend and actually focus on work.  When she heard about the whole magical girl thing, she was so happy she almost tackle hugged the person giving her the news.  Finally, something really exciting and fun to do.  

:bulletpurple: Is currently dating 17 year old Samuel Harper, who she affectionately calls 'San'.  Samuel and Ceres send letters to each other the old fashion way because Ceres thinks it's cute so Samuel does it to please his girlfriend.  They also funny enough have the same birthday.
Bullet; Black Ceres is left handed, but keeps that a secret as she uses both hands due to most equipment are made for right handed.
Bullet; Purple Her favourite instrument is the saxophone.  She is trying to learn how to play one.
Bullet; Black Her favourite song is Air Aquarium by Nano.
Bullet; Purple In games and life, she hates time limits.
Bullet; Black Ceres knows how to fight, she has been a few brawls when her friend got bothered by random guys. Because of the brawls, Ceres has a small scar on her left lower calf from getting clipped by a sharp object.
Bullet; Purple She has a pale purple crystal pendant under her shirt that was a gift from Samuel.  She wears it under her clothes all the time.

Magical Information:

Hibiscus, Elderberry and Rosehip Tea
Tea Spirit: Manatea:  Because it's a manatee, get it?  Mana for short, is a very relax and chill spirit who just perches on Ceres' shoulder most of the time. Mana is also polite but can get aggressive.

Shards of Emmantiensien 
The weapon is split between five parts, the one core and four blades.  The core that always floats behind Ceres can be used to help her hover for short distances to move for a quick attack or retreat for healing.  The four blades are directed with her mind and hand gestures, two for each arm.  In short term words, she is conducting the shards for attack.


Move Set:
Magic Strike Lvl 1
Scald Lvl 1
Drain Lvl 1
Blood Spell LVl 3

HP: 500
Strength: 0
Magic: 30
Fortitude: 5
Resistance: 15
Agility: 30

Total Stats: 80


Mini Fireworks Sparklers (Single Use item to startled foe for one turn)

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